Beta 11:

* internal CD audio handling update, status change (starting, started, end, error) callback added, CD32 and CDTV emulation does not poll for state changes anymore, better accuracy in audio start and end timing. CD handling rewrite should be complete now.
* CD image mounter is now thread safe, no more weird and random behavior if mounted image was in use and image was ejected or replaced
* fixed rare crash in display emulation (introduced when right border blanking update was added)
* improved CD32 CD sound/animation timing
* CD32 CD timing now works correctly in NTSC mode (previously used hardcoded PAL values)
* "non-path" kickstart rom configuration file selection now only allows normal KS roms in kickstart_rom variable and extended roms in kickstart_rom_ext variable
* fixed D3D non-shader mode crash introduced in b9
* bogus autofire mode was enabled if same joystick was custom configured in input panel and in gameports panel (missing masking of flags variable, time to wear brown paper bag again..)