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    After playing the demo, and quite liking it, I immediately downloaded the whole game. I started then to play, and I have to say that it's a really nice game. It's dark and sometimes really creepy, although not violent or something like that. The design is amazing, and the sound perfectly fits the athmosphere, there's barely music, just sounds.

    I finished the game in 2 sessions, it's quite short, about 3-4 hours. It's not really difficult, and you only have to reflect about some puzzles later in the game. The controls are the easiest I saw since a long time, basically you only use the A button to jump, and the B button to interact with items. That was it. Really simple, but rewarding. There's also no moment of frustration.

    I only can recommend all of you to download the game, it's 1200 M$ points, which is 12. I would rate it 9/10, only not giving a 10/10 because of being so short, thus finishing it quickly. Game's ending is also very short. You can easily play through the game in one session. Replay value is high though.

    Played it together with my girlfriend as she also liked it, and she's in no way a gamer

    Btw, this game is XBox360 only.

    Trailer can be found here.

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    I saw the trailers and some gameplay for Limbo recently on TV and thought it looked good then. Although it is 360 only at the moment, I'm sure its success will see a port to the PC quite soon, I hope. Shame it's quite short.

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