Beta 9:

* when attempting to play CD32 data track: return normal "playing" status and "play ended with error" flag in next status packet (Mission Impossible 2025 CD32)
* return error status when CD32 qcode command packet is received and currently played CD audio track is about to change (jumping "laser" in CD32 built-in CD player)
* new D3D filter stupid design fault corrected, all 2x or higher D3D shader filters had bad image quality because both internal source and destination textures had identical size...
* select box next to filter name is now D3D shader filter supersampling mode, 1x = normal, 2x = internal texture is twice the size of display etc... Big texture support required, makes some shader filters look more smoother when combined with bilinear filtering (for example hq2x)
* crash when entering or exiting GUI when ASPI SCSI mode is enabled (b6)
* cd32 pad shift register should stay in reset state in 2-button mode (F17 Challenge CD32)
* added cd insert/eject to systray menu
* added configuration file delayed cd insert, add "delay" to end of path ("cdimage0=,delay"), waits 3 seconds before inserting the cd, workaround for stupid CD32 games that only work if CD is inserted after boot screen (F17 Challenge and Last Ninja 3, maybe others)
* fixed cue+mp3 size detection if mp3 frames included checksum data
* only accept 8 or 32-bit Windows clipboard image input (instead of crashing..)
* diskswapper and floppy/quickstart archive dragndrop: add all disk images inside the archive (I donīt know why this was not done ages ago...)

EDIT: diskswapper and floppy/quickstart archive dragndrop is "too good", it attempts to extract everything, including adf directory, not just real archives..