There seem to suddenly be a few people trying to develop a web browser for the Amiga. Most are for OS4, which is understandable considering the resources in terms of graphics performance (RTG and more ram needed) and the amount of system ram needed to render webpages correctly at a reasonable speed.

The Merlin Web Browser is being developed for Amiga 68K, along side OS4 PPC, MorphOS (user needs to compile), Mac OSX (PPC and Intel), Windows (2000+) and Linux (requires X, or DirectFB for JPG/PNG support).

So this is an interesting project to keep an eye on for 68K fans and its system requirements for classic Amigas is optimistic!


Kickstart 2.0+
OCS, ECS, AGA, Picasso96, Cybergraphics

Has been tested by the author on an A4000 with Picasso graphics card and ariadne network card.

The official site is at

I've read reports that it isn't working very well yet, not rendering pages too well, and the GUI needs a lot of work. I might still try this out in WinUAE when I get time though just to see what it can do. Anyone else tried it?