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    PCMCIA reset problem fix

    The A1200 has a PCMCIA reset issue where, if an A1200 using PCMCIA cards like a network card is reset, the card doesn't reset and will not work after a soft reset of the Amiga unless it is removes and reinserted.

    There are hardware fixes for this, by soldering the motherboard, and also a hardware fix from Amigakit that fits over the Gayle chip. However, there is also a simple software solution that fixes this. It just requires added a file to C: and a line to the startup-sequence.

    It is now becoming more common for A1200 users to have a network card or CF card adapter in use with their A1200 in the PCMCIA slot. So could this software fix be added to the ClassicWB packages to automatically have it? Maybe an option in the installer to enable it or not?

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    If customers buy EasyADF PCMCIA CF Adapter or PCMCIA Network card from us, the installer automatically will detect A1200 and ask to install the software PCMCIA reset patch for the customer. This saves them having to download and install it themselves by hand.

    Here is the hardware PCMCIA CC_Reset Fix Adapter you were referring to:
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    Good point Harrision, this was discussed over at EAB recently:

    I mentioned that I thought this was now part of the latest CFD/cardflash.device driver included in the packs, and, as mentioned above, it also gets added when people run the Amigakit install disk.

    I'm still not 100% sure if this needs adding or if the patch is already part of the latest CFD driver. I still think it's part of the driver when reading the history in the readme, and users seem to verify this.

    However, if it isn't then yes I agree it should be added.
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