Beta 21:
* Epson printing updates (score positions, superscript, color support [canīt get any pointless anymore] etc..), -pngprint added to select print to png image mode (Epson emulation only)
* CDTV 2336 sector (Mode 2 Form 0/2) read offset fix, built-in cue raw read (2336 and 2352 sector size) support added
* parallel_port configuration entry set to "default" = select system default printer
* cdimage0 pointing to image file and uaescsi.device set in configuration: mount image on uaescsi.device:0 in basic non-scsi mode
* cdimage0 configuration option now also accepts CD drive letter (in "X:" format) and if set, only selected drive is mounted on uaescsi.device:0. All other drives will be ignored