Beta 20:

* winuaebootlog.txt incorrectly listed WASAPI sound devices as PortAudio devices
* raw keyboard enumeration stopped after first keyboard was found
* raw keyboards are now always enumerated (previously -rawkeyboard was required), also they can be enabled and remapped separately. F12=GUI hardcoded to prevent completely getting locked out of GUI (for example by disabling all keyboards)
* -rawkeyboard does not anymore disable directinput keyboard enumeration, it only disables dinput keyboard and enables all raw keyboards.
* automatically switches to raw keyboard mode if directinput enumeration returns unexpected keys
* Epson printer emulation improved. Does not anymore require freetype libraries or extra fonts. Outputs to printer directly, automatically uses printerīs resolution internally. Old-style Epson text justification command emulated (left/right/center/full) (Note that this isnīt "real emulation", text output is always high-quality, only bitmap graphics output looks ugly)
* parallel port sound sampler emulation implemented, input selection in IO Ports panel (DirectSound sources only). Sound quality is not good enough (syncronization implementation is crappy), mono only. Another pointless feature implemented...