I couldn't find the old "show me something interesting" topic, so I guess that was in the old forum?

Anyhoo, here's something to get us started:

The Great Pyramid was a sonic machine powered by water

I read The Giza Power Plant by Chris Dunn in about 2004, which was very interesting. He's an engineer who proposed that the design of the Great Pyramid allowed for the creation of energy through acoustics. Whilst his science was sound (aha!) and his evidence was good, he wasn't able to propose at the end how you would use the energy or get the energy out of it.

The theory above builds further on it (that it uses acoustics), but provides a different power source. They have even built a working model based purely on the measurements and structure found in the Pyramid. The new book by Edward F Malkowski (http://www.civilizationx.com) has more on all of this.