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    Sorry not replied earlier thanks for all the messages. Ill have to do the mem test thing at some point. I put the stick of ram back in but not in the fist slot and got no complaints from the puter. If the memory was bad would it be worth buying two more to boost the ram to 4gb or is it not necessary, does it make any difference that one of the slots is empty.

    The project is plodding along but had a bit of luck on ebay again yesterday heres a link (dont take swig of tea before clicking on it, as my ebay jammyness will mean your screen will be covered in tea).

    Its collection and well i couldnt face giving the bloke 1p so ive offered him 20.

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    Very nice find. Those Sony 21" monitors used to be some of the best, with many other manufacturers using their tubes, such as IBM and Mitsubishi, with near flat trinitron panels. Great pictures. And they go to nice high resolutions if needed too. In fact the max resolution quotes for that one is 2048x1536, which you can only find these days with 30" LCDs!

    I expect the guy selling it was just glad to find it a new home. I had real trouble trying to find a new home for the last 21" CRT I owned. I didn't want to just throw it away as it still worked perfectly. In the end I did manage to find someone via freecycle and they only lived round the corner!

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    Updated my Fujitsu MAME/RETRO/DOWNLOAD machine thingy today, replacing the E6320 1.83Ghz with a E6600 2.4Ghz, the highest CPU it supports:

    Didn't really need to, but a cheap one popped up on ebay and I can sell the E6320 making it about a 10 upgrade. They are actually identical chips with different multiplyers, but the Fujitsu has no ability to overclock. Guess it will help with a few MAME titles.
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