I've just finished My Kingdom for the Princess. I don't normally go for these casual time/resource management games but this one looked cutesy and was actually a lot of fun.

One aspect I really enjoyed was the building buildings bit. It was like The Settlers where you have to build a sawmill or a farm, but with two differences: 1) you needed no raw materials, they just produce 1 unit per day unless you upgrade it, and 2) you can upgrade an existing building by clicking on it to give it the raw materials once you have them, and they then produce extra units per day.

I really liked this mechanism and would like to play more games that have something similar. I really enjoyed the original Settlers on the Amiga - I once had a game lasting over 50 hours. I tried Settlers 2/3/4/5 and they weren't as good - Settlers 2 Remake was quite good. Foundation was terrible because your people died of old age - you'd spend ages creating a big army and then they would all die in their sleep. Another aspect of The Settlers I enjoyed was the option to just play with yourself on the map i.e. no enemies, so you could just create yourself a little self-sustaining kingdom and not have to race towards getting the biggest army etc.

Can anyone suggest any good Kingdom-building games?