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    Cool Winter Chip V [compo] @ BotB

    Battle of the Bits presents: Winter Chip V competition! 4 weeks of chiptune awesomeness!! =D/

    Oh hi.

    Another edition of almost annual chiptune competition over at Battle of the Bits has started !!! =o

    A raging wild selection of consoles/formats are allowed in a very raging and wild selection of genres of music, too. You can submit an entry to each format if you got one!! =D
    And there's two week left before submission period ends. g0g0g0g!


    8k / .mod .s3m .xm .it
    48k / .mod .s3m .xm .it
    channel f / .prg .bin
    ay-3-8910 - ym2149 / .snd .ay .ym
    atari tia / .bin
    atari pokey (4chan only!) / .sap
    vic20 / .vt .prg
    c64 / .sid
    amiga / .ahx
    sega master system / .vgm
    2a03 / .nsf (2a03 only)
    2a03 with expansion chips / .nsf (expansion chips)
    nintendo gameboy / .mp3
    64k midi / .midi
    wild card / anything goes :O (vsts, fl studio, acustic guitars, screamcore, =) .mp3

    Feel free to join us at our chat! and watch the invitation rom flier at pouet o/
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