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    One thing I hadn't realised until reading that quotes article is that the iPhone isn't currently multitasking. I thought it was. So currently you couldn't be listening to music and look through your emails or compose a text at the same time? I've been able to do that with my Nokia for a long time.

    Although I'm not surprised. Look at the Apple Mac. That didn't get multitasking until OSX!
    This isn't entirely true.. The Iphone DOES in fact multi-task, but only with SELECTED apps that are built-in and provided by Apple... You can't multi-task with ANY purchased apps at this point. The reasoning for this has been that multitasking eats up a lot of resources... namely the battery, so Apple restricted it to only their own apps until they figured out a way to include multitasking without draining the battery too quickly.

    According to some articles I have read online, Iphone OS4 will be released this summer and multitasking is supposed to be included. Apple has stated that they were finally able to provide multitasking in a manner that does not impede battery life. We shall just have to wait and see...
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