Beta 5:

- save cdimage path to statefile (if set)
- cdimage on the fly change support (CD32 CD detection may not always notice it without reboot, something wrong with detection)
- cd images inside archives supported but all tracks will be unpacked before emulation starts = do not use with big images.. (this is something that can be improved someday..)
- GUI added (quickstart only). "Automatic" and "Image file" does not really do anything, only tries to show that real CDs are still autodetected like in older versions..
- disk image selection always used DF0: (b4)
- replaced advanced chipset blitter busy bug checkbox with A1000 Agnus (DIP package 8361/8367) because there are more differences, first vblank strobe is triggered on line 1, not line 0.. (Alcatraz Megademo 2) Perhaps someday this gets moved to main chipset panel.. Thanks to yaqube for finding this hardware "feature"

Big DirectDraw/Direct3D change. Anything can be broken..

- Direct3D filter mode is now a checkbox, there is now DirectDraw and Direct3D "render backend" (instead of DirectDraw and D3D filter hack) All software filters are available in both modes (of course pixel shader filters only in D3D mode) This is part of graphics subsystem unification, RTG is still DirectDraw only.
- point/bilinear setting moved to filter extra menu
- 16bit/32bit setting removed, uses desktop/fullscreen depth, selects 16bit if selected software filter is 16bit only (and lets D3D do the conversion automatically)