Poll: Which version of Workbench have you used the most?

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    Interesting thinking about this now.....

    When i had the A500, although i remember seeing workbench, actually using it i remember hardly at all... when i got the A600 I used to use 2.x and got into light programming and SAS C ... ahhh feels good.... but it was all disk based.... so OMG slow!!!

    when I got my A1200, i was ushered into OS3.0 and found it very comftable, I then got into some of the addons like newicons etc.. not much love for magic workbench though... then 3.1 was pretty much the same.... got into a new icons 4 / 5....

    a few years back go OS3.5 and i have to admit, I really do like it for expanded / emu based amiga's

    I may have a play with OS3.9 but OS4 I have no interest in to be sincerely honest.

    I used to use a heavly modified 3.0
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    I use 3.0 the most, I did used to use 2.04 a lot when I used an A500+ but when I got an A1200 and a hard drive I use WB3 a lot more, and I've customised it quite a lot.
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