Beta 18:

- dongle GUI selection added (IO Ports), Leviathan dongle supported
- added 9pin Epson matrix printer option (9pin printer has different graphics aspect ratio than 24/48pin)
- visual DMA debugger (possibly useless but cool!) different colors mark different DMA channels, "v " to enable, no parameter or -1 = normal,-2 = small visual, -3 = wide and -4 = big. CE-only. Current colors: yellow = copper, green = blitter (light=normal, dark=line), blue = bitplane, cpu = gray, audio = red, sprite = white, disk = purple
- disable bitplane "speedup" optimization if dma debugger enabled
- beta versions do not load language dlls anymore
- SCSI mode GUI fixed
- minimizing: priority was set wrong, closing when minimized: remembered windowed mode size was reset (old bugs)
- unpause when clicking on "PAUSED" fps led
- some (vsync)sound sync experiments again..