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    The Catweasel Mk4+

    I am currently looking at understanding how the Catweasel Mk4+ works. I understand it plugs into your PC PCI slot and mounts about 5 devices in Windows so that you can e.g. put an Amiga floppy in the floppy drive in your PC tower, and read the contents by accessing the "Amiga 880kb floppy" drive in Windows.


    What about in WinUAE? If I load that up and put an Amiga floppy in that drive, does WinUAE see it as if you'd inserted a real floppy?

    Also, what about NDOS or custom disks? I ask because on my original Amiga I created my own custom floppy format - using the diskspare.device and the Professional File System - that allowed me to mount my normal Amiga floppy drive as a device that can store exactly 1000kb of uncompressed data. Since it's uses a different device driver and a custom fs, chances are it's written to the physical disk differently so things like block size might be different to a standard 880kb ffs disk or similar. I need to know if I can use a Catweasel to access those disks from within WinUAE.

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    The best person to ask is Demon Cleaner as he owns a Catweasel. Maybe he could test your custom disk format on his card to see if it can read it?

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