Beta 9:

- vsync automatic frequency switching is now optional ("autovsync")
- 100Hz/120Hz supported in vsync automatic switching mode
- "Disable powersaving features" is now "Disable screensaver" (when not active) Screensavers are always disabled when active. Programs shouldn´t override "real" powersaving features anymore (and Vista and later will ignore these requests anyway)
- 68020 CE mode all instructions now need at least 1 CPU cycle (1/4 bus cycle) to finish (+any slow chip/custom memory fetches), previously all instructions were instant when accessing fast ram. Better than nothing..
- CPU frequency configuration added (CE-modes only). Fast RAM (and ROM) is always considered wait-state free, chip ram speed does not change. Pre-defined values use main clock as CPU clock source (=includes PAL/NTSC difference), manually typed frequency basically emulate CPU card that has separate CPU clock crystal. For example pre-defined "7MHz" is 7.093790.. if PAL mode) Not very useful in 68020 mode. yet. (see earlier beta change log for explanation)
- copper woke up 1 line too late (and never woke up if waiting for line 255) if wait ended on NTSC long line (this was the real reason for NTSC jumping, b8 hack removed)
- added "cycle_exact" configuration entry, quick way to switch CE on/off with uae-configuration
- wrong/missing display sometimes in "too fast" CPU modes (b5)