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    Aros Icaros Live OS install in x86 clean HD

    Hello everyone,
    I got a new/old, a Pentium IV 2,6 Ghz with 512mb Ram, i get it from a friend.

    I give it a try with Aros Icaros Live OS (1.1.3). Download the iso burn it to a DVD and lets go !!

    It's not the final version, and still has some bugs but you can have a good felling.

    The DVD is bootable, and it's quite easy to install it. I create two partitions HD0 with 2GB (advice from icaros) and the rest to HD1. The install took about 45 minutes.

    After install i was able to open images, PDFs, and with ROMs inserted by cd-rom, i was able to launch workbench 1.3 by Amibridge, not realy an emulation, but something similar(?) a bit difficult to have workbench stable, but it worked, but much less options then UAE, but it half works.

    I didn't try internet, i dont have a connection to do it, but will try it later.

    So it was very very nice to see a Amiga OS running with no windows or linux, just the OS, i now it is a x86 pc and not a real Amiga, but it works, the felling it's much much better then PC+windows+winuae.
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    It is good to read that you had a positive experience with one of the latest Icaros Desktop Live! AROS discs.

    I've not tried AROS since the Icaros pre-configured desktop setups have been available and I'm very eager to try it. I downloaded the latest 1.1.4 Live DVD and have burnt it to disc ready. And I was just checking through the hardware compatibility in the included PDF manual and it looks like I have spare hardware that is fully compatible.

    The system I am going to try it on is one of my old PCs I currently don't use. It is a smaller form factor Biostar system that was originally purchased as a barebones system for downloading and emulation. Its specs seem to fit nicely with the AROS requirements.

    • Athlon XP 3000+
    • 1GB DDR3200 Ram
    • 60GB IDE HDD
    • nForce 2 chipset - The PDF mentioned nVidia nForce compatibility for networking so fingers crossed.
    • nForce 2 AC97 audio - It also mentions that many AC97 integrated codecs work, so again fingers crossed. However if that doesn't work I have a couple of spare sound cards that are supported (Soundblaster Live! 5.1 and an Audigy 1 soundcard), so can use one of those instead if needed.
    • Graphics card - The SFF motherboard has integrated GeForce graphics, but that might not work. In which case I have both an ATi Radeon 9800 Pro, and a Radeon 9600 spare so hopefully one of those two AGP cards will work.

    The only point I might get stuck is if the integrated networking and audio don't work. I have spare compatible sound cards as already mentioned, and also spare network cards. However this SFF system only has 1 AGP and 1 PCI slot so it would be impossible to add both PCI cards at once. Lets hope that isn't needed, or I will have to dig out one of my other unused PCs and build an AROS PC from that with the compatible hardware I have.

    Looking forward to trying this out now. Has anyone else recently tried the Icaros Desktop distros of AROS?

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