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    Broken PSP Screen

    Got out my PSP1000 to give Dissidia a go, and found that at some point in the past couple of days it must have got dropped/sat on/thrown at a wall/kicked/used as a hammer [delete as applicable] and found a nasty nasty big crack on the screen.

    Has anybody replaced one of these and if so, who would you recommend in the UK to get the parts from (preferably with a backlight and instructions).
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    If you want a guaranteed site that can be trusted then Amazon doesn't come much better. There is a replacement screen on there for 22.99

    It might be worth contacting the seller just to check this screen is compatible with the older 1000 model though, and isn't a 3000 specific one.

    Alternatively you could try, but I've not used them so can't say if they are a good store or not.

    Alternatively post on and ask for recommended sellers. They will give you good sellers to use.

    And here is an easy to follow guide to replacing the screen,

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