Beta 4:

- 0x76/0x30 partition types are marked as "PART" in GUI and read/write should really really work..
- exec* command line didnīt support command separation ( ; ) characters, batch files supported ("cmd.exe /c ")
- fixed very old left border graphics error in Absolute Inebriation
- b3 sprite fix broke other programs, fixed again
- Brian the Lion "dialog screen" problem is not anything AGA-specific, BPLCON0 write needs 5 cycle delay, not 4 when written by copper. Not fixed yet, waiting odd number of cycles in copper emulation isnīt currently possible

and few buggy demos fixed, doing weird things with the blitter and work only accidentally.. For the first time ever Rampage/TEK works!

- Absolute Inebriation/VD "red linevector cube inside white object" part now works. Bug in blitter wait, rewrites blitter registers when old blit is still active, normally this would mess up the blit but it worked because write to BLTCON1 freezes the blitter if it causes switch from "extra" cycle fillmode to normal mode.
- Rampage/TEK blitter feature workaround added, another buggy demo, it changes blitter channel mode from 0x01 to 0x0D while blit is already active, result is blitter getting confused and changing to weird cycle diagram without D-channel. No writes, no memory corruption, no crash...
- above cases (blitter channel mode changing while active) also writes message to log. I am not going to test all combinations

Random freezing not yet fixed.

I guess version will be renamed to 1.7 or 2.0 because of huge A500 compatibility increase..

btw, I only have single non fully working A500 test statefile remaining, I need more non-working A500 game/demo reports