Yesterday, I obtained (at no cost) a Power Tower. It already came complete with the following:

A1200 motherboard with 3.1 ROMs
PC Keyboard adaptor
Four way IDE splitter
AT-Amiga PSU adaptor
Clockport based ECP parallel port
And some device that connects the tower's 'Standby' switch to the amiga. I am yet to figure out what this does.

So, all I had to do was transfer my Mediator and cards across, and the HD.

For those interested, this was the A1200's state before it was towered:

I had to get the tower (along with a big rucksack full of amiga gear) all the way from Lincoln to Rotherham using public transport and eventually got home at about 10:30PM, so I havn't had chance to set it up properly here but I will soon.

I will post plenty of pictures when I a) get some colour film for my film camera or b) charge some batteries for the digital camera.

The graphics card was working fine yesterday after being a bit temperamental, but I am still yet to get the sound and network cards working (not sure how to do this).