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    Amiga Forever 2009

    New release of Amiga Forever 2009 .

    New features in Amiga Forever 2009:

    * All included games and demoscene productions are now in RP2 format (uses less disk space and makes it very easy to add or remove files)
    * RP2 Manager to scan for and import/export content
    * Built-in RetroPlatform Library (to recognize and configure games, etc.) with live updates
    * Seamless, one-click integration of AmiKit and AmigaSYS add-ons lets you experience a broader variety of Amiga perspectives*
    * New system ROMs (e.g. the 0.7 Kickstart required to run the software used by Andy Warhol in the 1985 Launch of Amiga demo)*
    * Improved documentation and help (new Tip of The Day balloon, new documentation in Windows Help format)
    * Emphasis on usability: interface and settings are improved, but remain consistent with the previous 2008 version and with C64 Forever (also see Tips for Upgraders)
    * Tested to comply with "Compatible with Windows 7" requirements, with full support for Windows Vista and Windows 7, both x86 and x64 (possibly still the first and only Windows software with custom-shaped glass-enabled skin)

    Additional new and improved features that were already included in part in Amiga Forever 2008*:

    * Content more than quadrupled (disk images are now compressed in the new RP2 format, and also used directly by the installer)
    * New "Amiga Forever Game Pack I" (more than 100 games)
    * More than 100 beautiful demoscene productions
    * New Gallery items: original Tripos article, "top secret" Amiga-Atari documents, and much more
    * New system HDFs: complete Amiga OS 1.3, 2.1 and 3.1 installations with only a minimum of add-ons (e.g. Y2K fixes, RTG update for 3.1), but otherwise identical to the original (including file attributes as intended by Commodore, which were lost in later distributions)
    * New ADFs (1.3 Extras, complete 3.1 install set, etc.)
    * New ROMs (Amiga 1000, A590 and A4091 boot ROMs, system-specific ROMs required for added compatibility, etc.)
    * Preinstalled WHDLoad "kickemu" support
    * New KX Light, bootable from CD and with HD installation option (now featuring live updates) and extended hardware support

    Additional details about the player for Windows, which was also greatly improved in the new 2009 version:

    * Revolutionary new and intuitive player interface for Windows, for easy selection and playback of games and other content
    * Professional skin design with familiar "media player" interface
    * Buttons and other visual controls provide intuitive access to content and emulation features (pause, resume, disk change, reboot, joystick vs. keyboard selection, window size selection, full screen, Amiga screen capture, etc.)
    * The new Amiga Forever player makes it possible to double-click or drag-and-drop downloaded disk images (e.g. RP2, ADF, ADZ, IPF, etc.) to play them, using heuristic content analysis to preset a suitable Amiga hardware configuration
    * The player has built-in support for dual screens (can use secondary display for full-screen Amiga) and multiple emulation sessions
    * Rather than closing an emulation session, it is possible to save its state, for example to resume a game at a later time (the session is up and running again in an instant)
    * It is also possible to undo the changes from the last session and revert to a previous saved state
    * Full undo of RP2, ADF, ADZ, HDF and HDZ disk writes (disk changes may be committed or discarded when exiting the emulation)
    * Windowed mode visualizes games and demoscene productions as they were meant to be displayed, without large unused overscan areas
    * Helpful visualization of additional details (Amiga mouse options, device status with green/red read/write LEDs, context-specific help tips, Tip of the Day balloons, etc.)
    * Integrated video playback (requires MPEG-2 support by the operating system, otherwise the Amiga Forever videos can be read by any DVD player)

    * Indicates Plus Edition Features. The Express Edition and Value Edition are limited to 1.3 ROM, and only include 50 games out of the box (which is still more than in previous versions of the software).

    Features describing the "player" refer to the Windows version. Amiga content is also usable on other platforms, with additional software (both included and available for download elsewhere).

    For their help during the development of Amiga Forever 2008 and 2009, special thanks to Amir Ansari, Robert Trevor Dickinson and Toni Wilen. See the Credits section in the Amiga Forever documentation for additional details.

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    Compared to the differences between the 2005 and 2008 releases, there is very little to entice those who purchased last year's edition to upgrade.

    Reading the update list it seems to me that Amiga Forever is focusing more and more on its front end side of things. Great though that is, there is little else that is new compared to a year ago. Improvements to KX Light might be intersting to investigate.

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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    Agree with Harrison on this one. If you've purchased the former, it's not vital to get hold of the new one.

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