In recent years there has been a fascination with porting famous Amiga demo productions to other platforms. Sometimes to try and improve them and make them even better, and other times to just prove it can be done.

The Atari Falcon has recently seen a number of Amiga demos ported over, and we all have to agree that the Atari Falcon was a powerful machine and one of the only STs that really gave the Amiga a run for its money.

A couple of good examples of this are:

Silkcut by The Black Lotus. (Atari Falcon)

A famous Amiga demo, utilising the Falcon's faster memory addressing for faster frame rates, and its DSP for higher quality 16bit sound samples in the soundtrack.

Do you know of any more good examples showing an Amiga demo ported to another platform?

Desert Dreams by Kefrens (C64)

This port of the Amiga demo Desert Dreams to the C64 is just amazing, and I think anyone who has watched it has been blown away. It was an amazing demo on the Amiga, so for someone to manage to port it to the C64 and achieve the full 3D effects and many of the other effects used in this demo perfectly is something special. Many of the effects used were only thought to be possible on the Amiga at the time! The SID audio is also something special, really showing what the famous audio chip could do.

So, do you know of any more?