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    Sci-Fi and Fantasy trading site?

    Does anyone know if there are any good Sci-Fi and Fantasy trading sites? Similar to Amibay, but for trading Sci-Fi and fantasy items like vintage Star Wars figures, Comics, books, dice RPGs etc...

    I'm thinking of creating one and just wanted to know if any already exist. I did a bit of Googling, but didn't find anything any good. Most sites I've looked at go to dead links or strange pages that don't actually contain anything. A few go to Sci-Fi forums with a selling section, but not much activity. So this seems to be something that is needed for Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans to use as a good alternative to ebay.

    Good idea?

    I'm currently looking at options on how to set this up. Either as a forum based trading site in a similar way to Amibay, or as a listings/classifieds buy it now auction style site like gumtree.

    What is everyone else's thoughts on this idea? Good or bad? Worth while?

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    I think it could be a good idea. SF and Fantasy never go out of fashion, and with the current tendancy for reboots, some of the older merchandise can become a sought after commodity.

    Initial thoughts for the style of site would be something similar to Amibay, as that seems to be working. Although, as time and requirements change, so could the set-up, if need be.

    Just my initial thoughts, it will be good to see what others think.
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