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    Has anyone tried Ashampoo Burning Studio 9? I know it has BR support. I use it for DVD's as I don't have anything to do with HD yet.
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    I am still interested in getting a Blu Ray player for my PC, since I am now able to play high definition video.

    I think it will be sometime before I purchase Blu Ray recording facilities though. I don't even have a DVD recorder yet.

    The only issue I have with videos currently is size. Even though I have a large, high resolution 4:3 screen, letterboxed 16:9 videos look tiny on it.

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    There is also the fact about image quality of videos that goes against them.

    The other day I decided there was little point keeping most of the video tapes I still had. Over 60 numbered tapes that I used to used for taping things off the TV, but I realised that I've not actually played any of them in what must be 5 years! Plus a load more with stickit notes on them saying what had been recorded.

    So I quickly went though them all, and the first thing that struck me is how bad the images quality was. I must have got used to HD as it looked really low quality, flickery, blurred and saturated colour. Definitely wouldn't want to go back to that now.

    I did however find some episodes of Dead Like Me and a few other things that I had recorded years ago but forgot to watch, so that was something. As for most of the tapes. Most are now in a landfill! I threw them all away, except for a handful that contained something I want to watch. But once I've watched those they will be going in the bin too.

    Years ago I had this collecting habit of recording films and TV programs to keep. But I've now decided if I really like something that much I will just buy the TV series box set or film on DVD. Better quality, on a more permanent disc than a DVD-R or tape. It also makes Harddrive recorders great for things you just want to watch later. Much better than physical media.

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