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    A complete lack of Formula 1 games?

    I was thinking today that there don't seem to have been any new Formula One game released on any platform for some years now.

    On the earlier system we saw regular F1 licensed games released yearly, with some featuring well known drivers of the time like Nigel Mansell. And then there were the great Psygnosis Playstation F1 games and the not so good EA games.

    The last Psygnosis/Studio Liverpool release was F1 2006 on the PS2 and F1 Championship Edition on the PS3, and those were in 2006. Since then nothing.

    And on the PC we haven't seen a proper F1 title since Grand Prix 4! With rFactor being the closest to offer F1 racing since.

    However I did remember the F1 game released on the PSP a while back and that was OK, but not brilliant and the control wasn't well suited to the PSP nub.

    However, doing some digging I've discovered that there are two games being developed by codemasters (now the holders of the F1 license after Sony held it for years) and based on the same game EGO engine as Dirt and Grid, so they should look good. The F1 2009 title will be appearing on Wii and PSP, then a full blown bigger game will appear called F1 2010 on PS3, 360 and PC.

    I'm really looking forward to this.

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    Grand Prix 4 was a very good game. I still remember when i played the 1st GP in Amiga...
    it had the old Estoril/Portugal circuit and the old Mexican and USA circuits...

    He had seen many f1 games on other platforms but i think they tend to be a bit more arcade instead of simulation like GP series is on PC.
    Even with a weel and pedals and some telemetri i always find f1 games on ps2 not so simulation like PC.

    In GP4 if you rise the suspenction, change the camber, or any other mechanical part you do feel the difference. In other F1 games it's more complicated to feel it, only front and back wing is easy to feel and the difference between the gear ratios...
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