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    Thanks a lot for this GB64 info ! I could never find it as I was searching for a specific one...

    About amiga demos, I can't see difference, it tastes the same if we exclude the good sound of Amiga .
    At the sigh of the 2 firsts disks of the 2 demos (can't make the seconds one to start...), I remember some better screens from ST scene, visually speaking, not the sounds
    I like them though, I'm not especially 'searching' for performance, more for ideas and tunes, and there are some good inside these 2 demos.
    I also retrieve a pale copy, have a look at Kaos meeting Demo, after the amigas originals sources, it's quite poor, it's just to show you the obvious RIP

    To find some good products, take a look at TCB - The Carebears (The Union, So Watt, Wattaheck, Cuddly demos...), An cool (M-Demo 4), TLB - The Lost Boys, Oxygene...
    This are those I remember. I'll try to make a kind of short bestof megademo and some screens of performance alone too, but it will be subjective... and quite badder than actual PC performance

    I don't remember a demo with a story...
    I remember that it was like a friendly competitive dialogue that makes a story with time. Between TCB and TLB was some funny stuff. Competition to do better than others and push limits of the hardware, and dialogue because it was from a demo to another, from a screen to another...

    At the good old time I knew someone with an amiga, and at the time I've found that scrollings were more flawless, that it was much more colored (16 vs 32 colors, normal), more sprites, better sounds...
    All that said, I already knew why, amiga has better hardware ^^

    I remember 1 demo on Amiga 500, called...
    ...searching... please wait... 2 hours later...
    still nothing
    Ok, I attach the module I reaped from the demo at the time (I know... I'm sick , I can tell that at 2mn28, exactly, 2 rubans goes from bottom to top, one orange, one green ! At the same time the strange electro-flute/guitar start to play (i told you, i'm sick !).
    Ok, not so important, but I hope to find some other of this kind (music), and by the way see again this demo, I remember havin' a good feeling when watching... for sure the music helped, 20 years later I still like it

    I'll get around this forum and those others you told me, and ask if I can't find, but already I noticed the music preview in here, marvelous, thanks a lot !
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