Beta 26: (couple more to go..)

- added transparent support for ICD AdIDE "bit swapped" disks and hardfiles. Each 16-bit data word has bits swapped, bit 0 = 15, bit 1 = 0, bit 2 = 14, bit 3 = 1 and so on (reason is most likely PCB cost) Listed as "CPRM" in "Add Harddrive" list because first (which is normally hidden) block starts with ascii string "CPRM"
- wrong sound device was selected if configuration was loaded and DS, OpenAL or PortAudio had 100% identical device names
- bsdsocket not too common connection issue fixed (b15)
- sound card index in config file > number of sound devices = very slow emulation
- added "All" option to RTG RGB format selection menus (make sure "ENV:Picasso96/ShowModes" contains "All" or only single format per color depth is available in screen mode dialogs)
- autoscale: show blank display using previous scaling instead of defaulting to non-scaling
- NTSC vertical centering fixed in scaled modes
- D3D and OGL mode was not properly closed when switching to windowed/fullwindow RTG mode (old graphics was visible depending on screen/scaling etc..)
- AHI is broken in this version, do not use.