Some of you might know the recent Bejewelled inspired puzzle game Puzzle Quest.

Now a sequel has been released called Puzzle Quest Galactrix. This is basically the same game, but with a cool space twist added.

Now you get to fly around the universe arriving at different systems with trading and fighting involved. The twist is that the trading and fighting are done via the Puzzle Quest game.

In battle you match certain coloured gems to build up you three power levels, plus blue to keep your shields up. Matching mines fires at the enemy you are battling. You can also gain levels to increase you starting levels for each energy type with each new game, plus you can add weapons and other additions to your ship to repair shields, hull etc and use up some of your three energy levels to use each.

For trading the game is very much the same, but how you do dictates if you can make a trade go ahead, and how much you have to end up paying.

Very smart mix of genres and it works very well. Adding all the same trading and combat elements definitely extends the life of the game.

The only negative aspect I've found so far is that until you can gain more items for your ship combat can be quite hard. I attempted the quick battle mode about 10 times before I won my first battle, so that shows either the game is quite hard, or I'm just a bit crap!