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    LCD Monitors

    No, I'm not ditching my CRTs...

    But I was wondering how good LCD monitors generally are these days.

    I remember a few years ago now, one of my Mum's friends got a new PowerMac G5 (Dual 2.5GHz ones if memory serves), along with a really nice large Apple cinema display. I used this and found both the machine and display to be excellent.

    On the subject of Apple displays, I took a quick look at some of Apple's new ones in their store at Meadowhall the other week and despite the fact that they were all of the shiny type, they all looked very good.

    We have some reasonably new LCDs in the PLC control room in college (LG ones), and whilst the display seems fine, it isn't very evenly lit. And has a blue power LED to compliment the blue power LED and the blue Hard drive LED on the computer. (Thankfully, the PLCs which have lots and lots of LEDs use the more conventional (and much easier to see) colours of red, yellow and green).

    Thats only a couple of examples of LCDs, so I was wondering what everyone elses experiences were (especially of more recent models).

    In college I also use an LG studio works CRT monitor (about 15") as I have my own computer for working on my parallel port project, and we don't seem to have any scrap LCD monitors avaliable. They really show how good my 21" Trinitron is.

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    LCDs have improved greatly in the last couple of years, thanks mainly to the ongoing devleopment of LCD HDTV panel technology. You can now get professional design LCD panels from a few different makers that far exceed anything a CRT used to be able to manage, and they have a far wider colour gamut.

    For home uses cheaper LCD monitors are also very good for the money. As long as you don't go for a really cheap make and model they are pretty good. You mentioned LG LCDs with uneven lighting, and I have to say that I would avoid LG where possible as they are not that great for the money.

    Some of the best at the moment are Samsung monitors. With the T2X range being great. The T220 is a 20" display with a great quality image, and further up the range you have the T240 and T260 which are 24" and 26" respectively. And they also come in slightly more expensive T240HD and T260HD models which incorportate a full HDTV in the monitor, the the 24" and 26" models being full 1920x1200 resolution.

    Regarding Apple displays. This isn't because I don't like Apple, but their displays are expensive for what they are. Alternatives from Dell, HP or Samsung are much better and come with a large range of input connectors too. Whereas Apple limit their displays to the minimum with sometimes a single Apple Mac specific displayport connection, meaning you would need an expensive adaptor from them to use it with any other system.

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