I am not sure what the interest for this would be on a site that seemingly consists mostly of European users, but here goes.


I found the 3rd part of the interview particularly interesting.

Anyway, the backstory is with the financial meltdown The Daily Show's Jon Stewart has been calling the network CNBC to point for their seemingly lackluster reporting on Wall Street and the state of the financial system in general. In particular one of his targets that stood out was Jim Cramer's Mad Money show on CNBC. So today Jim Cramer was a guest on The Daily Show where Jon Stewart "tore him a new one" for "irresponsible reporting".

I gotta say that Jim Cramer was quite the gentleman agreeing to faults and weaknesses on his part and sometimes even apologizing for the weaknesses in the financial system and CNBC in general. I must confess I failed to see why he chose to shoulder those as well though. To me it almost sounded like he was about to start crying at any point in time which I found curious. Who knows, maybe that is a trick he employs to enlist sympathy?

Overall, a very solid work of reporting from a "fake news show". Which in itself I find very interesting.