... from 80s crime movies

1) Dramatic scenes are drowned out with Jimmy Page Synth....
2) Rocket Launchers are only good on enemies who are in groups..
3) Doing crimes in private means witnessing public executions
4) A zip gun has the range and accuracy of a hundred or more feet
5) Background checks aren't needed to secure a postal address
6) Getting high before a night of crime always is productive
7) Chicken is good and likeable
8) Stuffed Cabbage smells wonderful
9) A firearm is illegal within city limits
10) It's okay to violate constitutional rights
11) Due Process doesn't exist when it comes to gang members
12) The unidentified shooter was a "good shot"
13) And he was better than anyone in the department
14) Sometimes you can't have both
15) An elephant gun leaves a big mess
16) When constitutional rights are violated, you can sue.
17) Grand Theft Auto is capital offense
18) When someone has a nail go through their foot, they are "hurt man"
19) You can die from a broken arm
20) When faced with a riot, instead of using a gun,bat,or knife, a plunger is a suitable weapon...