Beta 6:

Very quick beta update.

Beta 6:

- Spheris Legacy top/bottom border autoscaling fixed
- screen width checking only stored final display size before vblank (game with wide gamescreen and narrow scoreboard at the bottom would have used scoreboardīs width)
- autoscale saved to config file
- non-filtered mode is back but enabling autoscale will automatically enable null filter if current selection was no filter
- filter aspect ratio setting in autoscale mode was wrong
- filter aspect ratio now set by default
- detected screen size logged
- loading new statefile didnīt always trigger scale update

Autoscale replies go here:

Beta 5:

WARNING: big changes. 1.6 version change expected. Remember to read last part! It should be interesting..

- KS loader 16-bit odd/even rom image to 32-bit merging fixed
- A1000 bootstrap rom in even/odd format wasnīt loaded correctly
- added "Blacker than black" display configuration parameter. Ticked = borderblank is full black, color register RGB range is 0F0F0F to FFFFFF (instead of 000000 to FFFFFF) "Fixes" missing "widescreen effect" in Nexus 7 galaxy effect. (blanked border is "blacker than black" on real hardware, at least on TV-style display devices)
- useless correct aspect setting is gone (use null filter instead)
- do not try to decrypt broken non-encrypted DMS files
- added new panel "Gameports", moved joystick configuration from io ports. (more space for future "easy" input configuration mode)
- moved mouse related settings to new gameports panel
- added tablet settings to new gameports panel
- CD32 mode onscreen CD led now emulates real CD32 CD led behavior
- some CD32 CD command and status code updates (did some logic analyzer stuff, more to do later), now updated cd.device that comes with FMV cartridge works. Also CD command 2 now returns full firmware string, "CHINON O-658-2 24" (useless but fun, same with CDTV CD ROM firmware versions..)
- F12+CTRL was same as F11+CTRL (partial copypaste error)
- renamed motherboard RAM expansion areas
- Wings of Death "fake" NTSC works correctly
- Null filter is default and non-filter mode is not anymore possible. Finally I can use filters for other things than just simple filtering . See below!
- filter FS multiplier + keep aspect works as expected
- pal/ntsc vertical size change emulated (using filter scaling, try KS3.x early boot screen)

- mouse and tablet/"absolute mouse" support completely rewritten
* mousehack mouse removed (not needed anymore)
* mousehack interrupt and task renamed to "UAE tablet driver"
* do not select any "tablet mouse" in ports-panel. Use normal mouse.
* tablet automatically detected (currently needs to be wintab32.dll compatible. Really confusing Tablet PC support maybe later..) Tablet properties in log file.
* tablet and mouse are separate devices, like real Amiga tablets.
* if tablet is detected (and "UAE boot rom" is installed), "UAE tablet driver" will be automatically enabled:
KS1.x: uses old-style mousehack mode
KS2.x: creates IECLASS_NEWPOINTERPOS/IESUBCLASS_TABLET messages (position, range and pressure. Note that pressure variable is documented as "not used" in 2.x documentation..)
KS3.x: creates IECLASS_NEWPOINTERPOS/IESUBCLASS_NEWTABLET messages ("lots of stuff")
* stylus inverted = right button (if supported by tablet)
* proximity detection (if supported by tablet)
* reported tilt angles are 99.9% surely totally wrong
* Tested only with old USB Wacom Graphire.
* No tablet.library emulation because no information available. (Deluxe Paint requires it for pressure support)
* TODO: configuration (left button sensitivity, margins etc..)
* New gameports panel settings:
- "Drawing tablet support" = install "tablet driver", mousehack or real tablet. Same as mouse in "mousehack" mode. (bad label, will be renamed later..)
- "Full tablet emulation" = use wintab32.dll for all tablet parameters (x, y, pressure etc..). Real mouse still works in mousehack mode.
* "Magic Mouse" updated.
- without tablet mode enabled: like previously but more accurate
- mousehack/tablet mode: RTG mode perfectly smooth and seamless mouse cursor movement inside and outside of emulation window. (Changes Windows mouse cursor shape, hides real RTG cursor, works only if RTG hardware mouse cursor enabled)
- native mode cursor sync should be always perfect. (this took long and was really difficult to do properly..) Does not work with screen dragging (yet?)

* NOTE: real table support canīt be improved until I get more information (tilt range etc..) Official documentation is non-existing. (short comments in includes arenīt really considered documentation..)

!!! READ THIS!!! And finally extremely long awaited feature that was not supposed to ever happen: automatic display scaling!

*** EDIT*** autoscaling thread is here:

- enable checkbox is "autoscale" in filter panel
- supports all filters (maybe?)
- scaling sliders change extra border size (middle = no borders)
- keep aspect ratio does just that
- ignores possible sprites outside of display area (Banshee, Spheris Legacy etc..) Will be updated later..
- enabled by default, aspect ratio disabled, at least during beta phase. Perhaps there should be button in quickstart panel to disable or enable autoscaling because not everyone likes blurry display to become the default..
- to prevent very small displays scaled to fullscreen (like Guru meditation boxes), minimum allowed internal display size is 256*192. Max size is 344*272 (in lores, nonlaced pixels)
- the better this gets the more comments I get.. (which means screenshot and complete name and/or CRC32)

Does not (cannot) work with all programs. Why did I finally do this? Because "magic mouse" sync mode required position of display start and end and it was more or less the same was required for automatic scaling.. And also because filter internal algorithms are finally good enough. And it is (was) Christmas