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    [PC, 360, PS3] Prince of Persia

    The first review for the next-gen Prince of Persia is out. IGN gave the game a 9.3. That's pretty good - been following the progress of this game for a while, and although I thought it looked very good, I didn't intend to get it right away. Seems like Ubisoft Montreal did an excellent job, however. This might just be the last game I buy in 2008, before the God of Wars, Gran Turismos, Killzones and Final Fantasies of 2009.

    In every console generation there are one or two games that, regardless of any flaws, hold tight in my memory even years later. I can still picture scenes from Chrono Trigger on the Super Nintendo System as if I just played it the other day. Despite a flurry of great games released in the past year, I still get the itch from time to time to play Jet Set Radio Future on Xbox. Your beloved games may be different, but Iím certain most long-time gamers have a few titles they treasure Ė the games they can never trade in. Ubisoftís relaunch of Prince of Persia may just be such a game for me from this generation.

    Itís not the best game ever released on PC, PS3 or Xbox 360; itís not even the best game released this year. And yet Prince of Persia is that rare game that has managed to tap into that part of me that would die defending Chrono Trigger or JSRF. It has its shortcomings, but I already sense that Prince of Persia will be one of the few games from this generation that I carry with me for the next decade.

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    I'm eager to see what it looks like in the new graphic style. The game should be good, every PoP release was very good since now, so I guess we won't be disappointed with the latest installment.

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