Next beta release:

- fixed b1 slowdown when lots of sprites are visible
- CD32 mode CD32.TM detection added (log only)
- RTG vblank interrupt changes, use INTB_VERTB if RTG vblank is set to "Chipset". (very compatible, no extra interrups happening) Uses INTB_PORTS if different than Chipset. (Previously used INTB_EXTER but some games didnīt like it, Ports seems to be more compatible) Added "Disabled" option which disables RTG vblank support.
- fixed possible crash when closing fullscreen mode
- uaeserial.device unit 10+ open failure fix
- hardfile os-specific and common stuff separated more logically, more portable (and easier to add new image types, see below)

- VHD (VirtualPC) fixed and dynamic harddrive images supported. Reading and writing supported, image creation supported. HDF->VHD conversion is not built-in but you can use for example VHDTool or any other tool that supports raw to vhd conversion (hdf is a basic raw harddrive image type) "Differencing" image type may be supported in future (differencing = all written data goes to another image, like adf "saveimages")

WARNING: vhd support may not be bug free yet. Remember backups!

Why YetAnotherImageFormat? Main point is dynamic images. New empty dynamic image is always very small (even if virtual size is multiple gigabytes) and image grows automatically when needed.