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    Recommend me a surround sound system

    Need some help choosing a 5.1 surround sound setup. I don't really know too much about them, other than the one I bought years ago is now a bit crap.

    Some requirements:

    1) Optical in - will be connecting the PS3 through it.
    2) Decoding support for the main standards (DD/DTS I think are the main two I need right?)
    3) Budget is ~100

    Any suggestions?

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    What 5.1 system are you using now?

    For 100 quid, it's going to be tough to piece together a system that's going to sound any better than the average PC speaker sets. Most decent-quality speakers cost 50-75 pounds by themselves (that's the price for each single speaker!), and if you want a subwoofer to go with that for the lower frequencies, you're looking at another 100-150 pounds. Finally, you're going to need a receiver that can accept the audio signals that you mention.

    Maybe it'd be a good idea to fork out for just the receiver and two front speakers first, and then later on upgrade with a sub and the rear/center speakers. Another idea is to buy them refurbished or second hand.

    A good bang-for-the-buck receiver brand is Onkyo. Some good speaker brands are Energy Audio, Polk, Klipsch, Infinity, KEF, Paradigm and JBL.

    I would try to stay away from the HTIB (Home Theater In A Box) systems out there ... most are abysmal when it comes to sound and build quality.

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    I agree. It isn't worth while in the long run buying an all in one speaker and receiver surround sound package as the whole lot is tied into its own system so you can't mix and match or upgrade any part of it at a later date.

    And as Sharingan said, you won't get much for a budget of 100. The best for that kind of budget is to look at the PC speaker systems that can also be used as a basic home cinema system, but don't expect room filling quality or good base for that price as such systems are designed with the single user sat in one location within a room.

    For a real home cinema speaker setup the speakers need to be able fill the whole room with sound and for that you definitely need more expensive known make speakers.

    For a proper start I agree about getting a reasonable receiver and then adding speakers as and when you can afford them, and until you can buy them you can always use whatever speakers you might have spare for rears or centre and then upgrade as and when you can. A good receiver will allow you to adjust the balance between them all and set distances so the processor can work out time delays etc...

    For speakers also keep a lookout on Freecycle. I picked up a pair of floor standing Eltax fronts for free from there just because the guy couldn't fit them into his new flat. Those were worth a couple hundred on their own when new.

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    1 word TECHNICS.

    Out of all mid range systems they are the best. If you had around 200 to 300 to spare. The SC-DVxxx series are frelling awesome (also have a dvd player built in).

    The sound quality is also awesome, with qaulity subs.
    On news of PSPUAE update on DCEMU came this reply, lol.

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