Next beta:

WinUAE 1.5.4 beta series
(could be 1.6 or something but that will be decided much later..)

Beta 1:

- DXSDK updated, D3D filters again require updated DX runtime
- some CD32 pad reading routines returned phantom buttons in JIT modes if pad was not "connected"
- another partial sprite rendering update, fixes sprite size problems in screen modes that have multiple resolutions in single horizontal line (for example Innovation Part 2 by Axis is 100% correct now)
- also fixes wrong sized sprites in some lores resolution modes
- superhires in lores mode supported (show only every 4th pixel)
- superhires in filtered lores supported (visible pixel is average color of 4 internal shres pixels. This may be slow..)
- ECS SHRES in lores supported (both non-filtered and filtered)
- 10 sectors per track PC floppy images (800k) supported

This is sprite/display partial rewrite emulation test beta only. Complain if something broke (which is 100% guaranteed) or became slow