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    List of Amiga Reference Books

    We need to create an as near to complete list of all published Amiga related books as we can.

    This list needs to be broken down and grouped by publisher, and then by publication series. In addition where we can find out information about each book the entries need to include:

    • Name of Book
    • Author
    • Month and Year of Publication
    • Number of Pages
    • ISBN number (Wiki automatically links ISBN numbers to popular book sites such as Amazon)

    This way it will make the job of contacting each author to try and obtain permission to host their publications much easier.

    The easiest solution to build this list is to utilise the classicamiga Wiki to create a page listing all known Amiga book publications. We can easily update and amend this list as we find and add more books.

    You can find the Amiga Reference Books list on the Wiki by going to:

    I've already begun adding quite an extensive list of known Amiga books. I started off by basing the list from one already existing on the Amiga History Guide site. I've then begun adding to and updating this list to include the additional information listed above.

    If you know of some Amiga related books please add them to the wiki Amiga reference book list, or if you don't have Wiki editing permission please post your list of books in this thread and one of the Wiki editors will add your book to the list for you.

    Working on the List

    In addition, if anyone would like to help me expand the existing list now on the Wiki that would be great. The work needing to be completed on this list is the requirement to research each book listed and verify it exists/existed.

    I've been doing this by first looking up each title and publisher on Amazon and other online book stores. Once some titles are found they are referenced against the book titles already in the book list and any additional information is added to the list entry and the Wiki page updated.

    Also looking up each publisher is a good idea to see if there are additional Amiga books published by them that are currently not on our list. If this is so they can then be added to the list.

    So far I've completed the list of Bruce Smith Books and am half way through the books published by Abacus.

    Page structure and layout

    If you add some new books to the list please follow the existing page layout and structure. Just copy and existing entry and edit it for the new one to ensure it keeps the existing look. There is also a copy of a typical list entries code shown at the bottom of the list's page.
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