As all published Amiga books are under copyright this could cause a big issue if we were to just start scanning in books, creating PDFs from them and hosting them for download.

Books that are out of print are not quite as complex as the copyright automatically reverts back to the original author of the book. Therefore in order to host each book on classicamiga's Amiga Reference Library we first need to seek permission from the original author's of each book.

Gaining Permission to scan and host PDF copies of books

The best action is to try and locate and contact the author of a book. Many authors have their own sites or blogs containing contact details, and this is a good place to start. Most will be happy to help, or to pass details on to others who might be able to help further.

Books out of print are not making an author or a publishing company any money, so they have no reason not to allow us permissions to host them as long as we make sure we place disclaimers with each download that has been crafted by the copyright holders so they are happy with the agreement.

Hopefully we can obtain the permission from many of the authors and publishers of Amiga books, so that the Amiga Reference Library can grow and being a useful resource for Amiga users.