I've started to create the wiki section for Amiga models


So far I've created the main table outlining the core differences between each model. If you know of any additional information or if some of the information I've already entered is wrong please correct and update the page (request to become a wiki editor to do this).

In addition I've added links to pages for each model of Amiga, which will contain detailed pages for each model. If you are interested in creating these pages please say. I will be creating one for the A500 as a template that can be followed for the other models.

There is more information to be added for the main Amiga Models page. I want to also include details of third party Amiga compatibles (PPC) as well as unreleased prototypes and anything else we can find.

Hope you like how it is starting to evolve. Please lets get the wiki expanding quickly into a useful resource.