Classicamiga is pleased to announce the creation of the new Classicamiga Wiki site.

This Wiki will be replacing the current FAQs and Tutorials section of the main site. This all allow members the ability to directly work on tutorials, guides, FAQs, information pages, and anything else they can think of that will be a use to other Amiga users.

Please visit the Wiki and register an account using your existing usernames. You will then be able to contribute to wiki discussions for existing pages.

If you would also like to contribute to the wiki, adding new pages and editing existing content then please post a request to become a Wiki Editor in the Wiki Editor Requests forum found in this area. When requesting to become an editor please provide as much infomation as you can about the ideas and content you wish to contribute. This will help the staff of classicamiga consider your request.

I hope you all find this new Wiki useful, and in time as it expands a useful resource of Amiga information.