Two blokes Bill and Tim out trout fishin' in a small tinnie on a large lake.
This boat is Bills pride and joy while Tim just enjoys the solitude.
Nearly ready to come in cause the beer is gone and they haven't caught anything.
Tim gets snagged and swears thats the last time out here for him.
When he finally pulls in his line he's amused to find an old canister caught up. Rubbing off years of silt out comes a gennie and grants him 1 wish.
Thinking of the empty esky he asks the gennie to turn the lake into cold lager.
The lake takes on a frothy shimmer and Tim emptys the bait bucket fills it from the lake and enjoys a great beer followed soon after by Bill.
After an hour or so Bill gets really cranky and calls Tim a bloody idiot.
Gee says Tim look at all this beer i got for us.
Yes says Bill but now we have to piss in the boat.