Welcome to the ClassicWB section of the Classicamiga forums.

What is ClassicWB?

ClassicWB stands for "Classic Workbench" and is a project created and developed by the forum member Bloodwych.

The project has been in development for over 4 years and is therefore now in a mature state of development.

What does ClassicWB do?

ClassicWB is a preconfigured Workbench setup. You download the package, copy it onto your Amiga's harddrive, and then after instillation you have a fully configured Workbench environment which is setup with tools, utilities and programs to give you everything you need to use your Amiga. It even has the WHDLoad package already installed and setup ready for you to run your games and demos from the harddrive. And it directly supports the KGWHD game packs.

What Amiga's will it work with?

ClassicWB is split into a number of different versions that are designed and optimised to work on different hardware configurations. Versions exist that will work perfectly on the A500+/A600, unexpanded A1200, expanded A1200 and A4000, and also other Amiga models that have been upgraded to Kickstart 3.1 and have some fast ram installed.

Where can I find classicWB?

ClassicWB can be found at its official site http://classicwb.abime.net/

Each of the different ClassicWB setups can be downloaded from the official site, and also from classicamiga's private downloads area if you have access.

What do I need to set up and run classicWB?

To fully setup and use ClassicWB you will need an HD in your Amiga, A Workbench 3.0 or 3.1 disk, and a set of kickstart rom images (if you wish to use WHDLoad).

The easiest way to set up classicWB is by connecting your Amiga HD to a PC and accessing it using the Amiga emulator WinUAE. Details of how to do this can be found on the official site. And you can also ask questions about this in this forum.

What is this ClassicWB forum for?

This ClassicWB area of the classicamiga forum has been setup to support the ClassicWB project and Bloodwych.

Bloodwych, or one of the classicamiga staff members will post announcements in this forum when updates are released or anything relating to the project is announced.

You may also use this forum to post your suggestions for improvements to the project, ideas for future additions, any questions you have about the project, and anything else relating to ClassicWB.