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    Exclamation Post your video requests here!

    Do you have some favourite Amiga Demo Scene Productions that you would like to be able to watch as streaming videos from classicamiga?

    We already have 79 Demo Scene Production entries on classicamiga that contain streaming videos of the whole of each demo for site users to watch. You can see what we already have available here.

    Among the already available videos are some true classics such as 9 fingers, Captured Dreams, Desert Dream, Extension, Interference, Pulse, State of the Art, Tint, Red Sector Megademo, and World of Commodore. So already there is much to see.

    But with over 1000 productions now in the classicamiga database there are still many more productions still to have videos added. Therefore we are asking you, the users of classicamiga, which productions you would next like to see videos added to?

    If you have a favourite production/s and we don't yet have a video for it then post a request and we will get to work on those videos next. Equally if you have some spare time and would like to help us out by making some videos of your favourite productions that would be great. If you are interested in making some please get in touch with myself, PG or Teho.

    Also, if you see videos of some Amiga demos hosted on youtube, or any of the other streaming video services, and we don't current have it linked on the main site then please post the urls of the videos so we can.
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    That title could get some interesting replies.
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    Oh come one, as much as I love the Amiga....

    I was expecting something different after reading the title.

    What a con.
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