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    New Issue of Showtime Released!

    New Issue of Showtime Released!

    Some of you might remember the old Amiga diskmagazine Showtime. This mag was first developed by Ram Jam, but after issue four, Darkage took over the series. 17 issues in total was released from 1994 to 2002.

    Today, in September 2008, the legendary diskmagazine is back. The production is a co-operation between two old groups, namely Ram Jam and Scoopex.

    The biggest change from 2002 is that Showtime is now only available for the PC. This might be a bit disappointing to some people, but fortunately the magazine contains Amiga charts and articles.

    Click here to start downloading the brand new issue.

    If you have a few minutes to spare, please consider filling out a votesheet for the upcoming issue. They need all the support they can get. You can fill it out Online by heading here.

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    Cool. I will take a look when I get chance.

    It is a little disappointing to see it is only for the PC, but still... it's good to get a new release anyway.

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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