This is very hard. I'm going through all my old stuff with the intent of clearing out everything I've not used in the last couple of years. As you can imagine this is quite a lot of stuff. Especially the load of stuff in the loft.

So far I'm found a load of old Walkman tape players. The best being a top of the range AIWA with remote control on the headphone cable. At the time that was expensive, so it is quite sad to see it go. I've not used it for years mostly because it is tape based and MP3s have completely taken over. What is it worth? 1?

Any something else I found is my portable CD player. I used to use that in my old car on one of those CD player cradles and it worked well for that. Even have the original receipt in the box. 60. Much less than I thought it might have been. But that was a replacement for the Pioneer CD player I had stolen from the car before that I remember being nearly 200. So what is the Panasonic portable CD player worth? Not sure but I'm guessing 5? Maybe 10 at a push but not likely.

Loads of other stuff to go through. But what to do with it all? It all still works. ebay? Where a doubt most of it will sell for more than 1, or hold a car boot sale?

Anyone else recently cleared out their old stuff? What did you do with it all?