Beta 2:

- RTG mode and width set to bigger than resolution (autoscroll) = bottom part of display was not updated (1.5.0)
- windowed mode minimize and restore, only title bar was visible
- mute on/off inputevent fixed
- added analog joystick emulation multiplier and offset config entries (not in GUI yet)
- analog joystick emulation improvements, pot line (=2nd/3rd firebutton) capacitor charging/discharging emulated. Not yet perfect, F19 Stealth Fighter still not working in analog joy mode.
- directory harddrive/uaehf.device hardfile didnīt enable uaelib hooks (used by uae-configuration/uaectrl)
- added log message if bsdsocket host-side initialization fails
- filter preset load didnīt redraw the display using new parameters