T3 was just a dire movie that should never had been made and was just a late Arnie cash in to try and revive his acting carrier. At least Salvation did have a reasonable post apocalypse setting and was fairly believable and fun to watch.

The only part I just didn't really get was why Skynet was capturing all the humans and herding them like sheep into the large Skynet factories. They didn't need them to manufacturer anything because it was completely automated and robotic. OK, they were doing genetic experiments on people to see if they could create a true controllable cyborg, but they didn't need every human they encountered. I didn't quite get that bit.

Other than that I thought it was pretty good and worth seeing.

But I agree. T1 and T2 were both quite intelligent and great to watch. Mixing horror with Sci-Fi (expecially the first one). Salvation didn't do that as the main characters were not realised well enough for you to really care enough about them.

The big mistake I think they made was giving the cyborg so much focus. It made you care about him more than Connor and at the end I wanted him to live more and lead the resistance more than Connor. They should have let him die! But then of course that would have created a time paradox, and we wouldn't want that!