Beta 23: (official release: next week)

* OGL/D3D fixed but uses old scaling method (update after 1.5)
* AF2008 ROM scanner detection problems really fixed
* JIT timing change test (perhaps faster CPU without other side-effects..), added command line parameter -jitevent current default 10000, old was 3000. Experiment if interested..
* default display buffer setting changed to "DefaultRAM" (which is same as in 1.4.6 and older, can cause too much confusion if new version even in non-Picasso96 mode is much slower than old version due to weird display drivers)
* disk write does not start if wordsync is enabled
* improved rare heavy CPU usage situation when sync word=0 without disk inserted
* improved dragndrop file type autodetection
* ignore duplicate directinput joystick axis indexes
Beta 23: (build 14.06.08)

* D3D fullscreen and D3DPicasso96 switching should be fixed now