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    I only ever use cheats if I am really stuck in a game. If for example I've been trying for days to get past a specific point in a game level. Otherwise I would never see the rest of the game. I do however only use them to get past points I'm really stuck at and then revert back to playing the game properly. This has mostly always been platform games where an annoying jump was near impossible and you would end up dying and needing to complete the whole level again to get back to the same point each time. However this is already in extreme cases as I would rather keep trying until I get past something for real if I can.

    However for cheats in games like Frontier. I only ever use them when I've already played the game extensively for a long time and so I use the cheat to turn the game into a sandbox to play around and experiment with. It is great fun using them for this.

    There are however certain games where it is near impossible to reach the end of the game relying on your skill alone. Some vertical shoot 'em ups are a good example of this. There were a couple that I played on the Amiga and just couldn't get anywhere near the end so eventually played though the whole game with an unlimited lives or energy cheat just so I could see the rest of the game and the ending. Not as satisfying as actually completing the game for real, but without the cheat it wouldn't be completed anyway.

    I do think that more recent games don't need cheats nearly as much. They are not as hard because they are mostly more forgiving compared to the common trend in games of old where you had three lives and no more.

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    I don't see the cargo bug as a cheat mearly a way of giving your ship TARDIS like tendancies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiago View Post

    2) I am getting to some system when autopilot goes off because i am being attacked by some ship. I do not have any upgrade so i take 5 minutes to kill the bast... but after another ship will attack me, and after that another one... i doesn't have an end? What can i do? Set my course to other system, and run away?
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